Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jane Austen's Golden Globe Acceptance

Okay, okay, so it's not really Jane Austen's speech; it's Emma Thompson's, in the style of Jane Austen. The nefarious creature did a lovely job capturing what Jane Austen might have said, IMHO, and I've gotten a good laugh from this little video (and I love the part when they start playing "Throw the Coins" when her win was announced!).


Anne-girl said...


Abby said...

Aaah, I love this! Especially her little P.S at the end...
'Managed to avoid the hoyden Emily Tomkins who has purloined my creation and added things of her own. Nefarious creature.'
Her evident understanding of Jane Austen's style and wit really makes me appreciate the film more :)


Melody said...

I watched this on the S&S DVD one time. =) It made me laugh. "Golden Spheres" - ha!

Once Jennifer Ehle received an award for her performance in P&P, and they played a little bit of the soundtrack as she walked up as well. =)
I liked the 'Throw the Coins' accent as well.

Miss Dashwood said...

It took me two viewings to realize that Emily Tomkins was actually Emma Thompson... haha, I can be more than a little blonde sometimes. "Nefarious creature" had me giggling. It just sounded so authentic! And I absolutely love Emma Thompson's way of speaking... I could listen to her all day long. Her intonation and pauses between sentences makes it twice as funny. :)

I'd like to see the one with Jennifer Ehle!
The copy of S&S that I have is on VHS, so unfortunately no special features. :(

Melody said...

Haha, the Emily Tomkinson thing confused me for a while too; I was thinking, if Jane Austen got all the other names right, why would she mess up Emma Thompson's? Out of spite, I suppose? ;-)

Was that Jane Seymour (of Scarlet Pimpernel fame) I saw in the background, around 3:10? If not it looked a lot like her!

The one I have is on VHS too; it was my sister's DVD I was watching. tehe.

Okay, Jennifer Ehle award:
It shows clips of other movies; I skipped those & you may wish to do the same. ;-)
If you haven't seen her with her real hair yet, you may be shocked.

Lady Nessima said...

HAHAHA! That'a awesome, I'm laughing so hard!

Alexandra said...

Oh, I adore this. I loved seeing Jane Seymour there for a second, too. :-)

It was absolutely adorable and just one of the reasons why I adore Emma Thompson. :-)

Trivia I recently discovered...Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie, and Stephen Fry (who plays Jeeves with Hugh as Bertie in the Jeeves and Wooster TV series) went to college together and were close friends, and Emma and Hugh dated each other in college. One of those funny connections things. :-)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

I love this speech! The text of the speech in in the Sense & Sensibility Screenplay and Diaries. Altogether perfectly delightful! :)

Miss Dashwood said...

I do believe that was Jane Seymour! I said as much to Anne, and she replied with horror, "Jane Seymour has been dead four hundred years!" I then explained that I was talking about the actress, not Henry VIII's third wife. :)
As soon as I get a chance I'll watch the Jennifer Ehle one (thank you!). I have seen her with blonde hair, so no worries. :)

Ooh, I love movie connections like that! Didn't Emma Thompson make an appearance on Jeeves and Wooster? I thought I remembered reading that somewhere.

Miss Laurie,
*adds another title to my list of 101* How fun!