Monday, December 26, 2011

Something There

This year for Christmas I gave my sister Molly the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, and we listened to parts of it after she unwrapped it. While we were listening, I mentioned offhandedly to Anne that I should send Hayden the link to the Pride and Prejudice/Beauty and the Beast video we liked, because I thought she would get a kick out of it. Anne promptly replied that I should do one better and post it on my blog so everyone could see it. I took her advice as I always do (haha, not) and here it is. (I didn't make this. I just found it on YouTube and I think it's awesome.)


Anne-girl said...

I love this! I thought you had meant the trailer that was fixed to look like beauty and the beast but I like this better. I'd forgotten about it.

Melody said...

Oh! I'm glad you posted this, for it was fun to watch! ;-) I've seen Beauty and the Beast once, aaages ago and I remember hardly any of it (sorry, Hayden!) but whoever made this video is quite clever. =)

I especially liked the end. *cough*

Hayden said...

My sister showed this to me a few months ago, actually, but I had forgotten about it...this video makes me grin foolishly from ear to ear :) I am so happy you posted it! It totally made my day :)

Isn't the part where she says (or sings, rather) "But he was mean and he was course and unrefined" just hilarious? The shot they got of him muttering to himself with a scowl on his face...heehee. :)

Marika said...

Combining 2 of my favourite things :D I like it.

Ella said...

I think that song suits P&P:)

Miss Dashwood said...

Yes, maybe sometime I'll post the trailer. :)

Oh, you should see Beauty and the Beast again, it's such a wonderful story!

Absolute favorite part. I also liked the "didn't shudder at my paw" part too. :)

Marika and Ella,
Isn't it neat how the song fits so nicely?

Hayden said...

Whoa..wait a second. What Beauty and the Beast trailer? Ooooh, PLEASE share!

Miss Dashwood said...

Well... since you said please. :P I'll put it up next week.

Anne-girl said...

Goody! I like that video muchly!

Hayden said...

Thank you! Me happy. :)