Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jane Austen General Knowledge Quiz


Anne-girl said...

I got 80%

Hayden said...

ahhhh! I got the last one wrong...I put 42 instead of 41. Sigh.

Ha! Sir Percy Blakeney...wouldn't that have been interesting.... :D

Miss Dashwood said...

Yes indeedy, that would have been verrah, verrah interesting... somebody should write a fanfiction on that. :)
If you only look at the years of her lifespan, it appears that she lived to 42, but she actually died before her 42nd birthday.

Melody said...

I got 100%! You didn't expect THAT did you? ;D It gave me pleasure to see my Emma question in there. ;-) Oh, and the other few. :)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

This was a very fun quiz! I was surprised to get 100!
I loved choices for questions 7 and 9! The quotes you came up with are quite brilliant!
Thanks so much for posting. :)

Maria Elisabeth said...

I got 90%, since I said that JA had 8 siblings instead of 7.

That's funny about Sir Percy, and did JA really write 'The Tale of Two Bad Mice'? That would have been interesting. (I don't think she wrote about any animals at all, actually.)

Maria Elisabeth said...

Oh. Another comment after I already posted one. (I'm crazy, aren't I?)

As to the fanfic, that would be interesting, but what about poor Marguerite? I like JA, but not enough to ruin all the TSP books by making (read: allowing) him marry someone other than her.

But, on second thought -
*pretends she hasn't written the above*
That is a very interesting idea. The whole history of their romance could be in those letters that Cassandra burnt and she could have created Charles Bingley in memory of him. Really, they do have many of the same characteristics: appearing rather dumb, good-looking, rich, and popular.

Maybe that would make a good fanfic, but

*just realizes what she posted at the start of comment*

we can't forget about Marguerite. It would be horrible for Sir Percy to fall in love with someone other than Marguerite and it would be unthinkable to have her fall in love with him and have everyone thinking he unkindly jilted her. Percy Blakeney doing anything unkindly! The very idea! :P

*realizes this has been a very long and random comment*

Have a wonderful day,
Maria Elisabeth

Miss Dashwood said...

Why, my dear, you must know that I hardly expected you to get any other result. :-)

Miss Laurie,
I can take no credit for the quotes--they were given quite kindly to me by Melody. :)

Maria Elisabeth,
Haha, no, Beatrix Potter wrote the Two Bad Mice. It was just the first title that pop't into me little head. :)
Aah, I did so greatly enjoy your rambling Sir Percy comment. But I beg of you, do not compare the Binglebop (as my sister Anne calls him) to the great, the amazing Sir Percy Blakeney. I do agree... what about poor Marguerite? *sigh* Yes, it is best that we leave everything as is. ;)