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Anne of Green Gables Week: Quote Quiz

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I have here an even dozen of my favorite quotes from various books in the Anne of Green Gables series, for a new quote quiz! You can get one point for each correctly guessed book, and one point for each correctly guessed character.  Bonus points can be accrued by guessing the names in the blanks, for a maximum of 27 points.  (#9 actually only has one name in it, but the name is repeated rather frequently).  Please do NOT look these up in the books--try and rely on your memory alone.  You can leave your answers in a comment, and I'll publish the answers on Monday.

"I suppose _______ thought he might curry favour with me by praising the creature, little dreaming what my real sentiments towards it were, so he stuck out his pudgy hand and stroked [the cat's] back. 'What a nice cat,' he said. The nice cat flew at him and bit him."

"If a person sorter sees eye to eye with you, and has pretty much the same ideas about things, and the same taste in jokes—why, then he belongs to the race that knows Joseph."

"And I took the gum out of my mouth for the last hymn and stuck it on the back of the pew in front of me.  Then I came away and forgot it.  I went back to get it the next morning, but it was gone.  I suppose Rod Warren swiped it. And it was a dandy chew."

"You love it.  Does that mean that you really love it? Or that you merely like the looks of it? The girls nowadays indulge in such exaggerated statements that one never can tell what they do mean. It wasn't so in my young days. Then a girl did not say she loved turnips, in just the same tone as she might have said she loved her mother or her Savior."

"She'd behave just as well if there wasn't a soul to tell her what to do.  She was born already brought up, so she doesn't need us; and I think that we always love best the people who need us."

"My doll hath been tooken ill.  I mutht put her to bed and thtay with her.  Maybe it'th ammonia."

"There's an awful lot of things it's wrong to do.  I never s'posed there was so many.  I'm sorry it's wrong to tell whop... falsehoods, 'cause it's awful handy, but since it is I'm never going to tell any more.  What are you going to do to me for telling them this time? I want to know."

"Would you believe it?--it took me half an hour to decide which hat to wear when I was coming here--here, to a graveyard! At first I inclined to my brown one with the feather; but as soon as I put it on I thought this pink one with the floppy brim would be more becoming. When I got it pinned in place I liked the brown one better. At last I put them close together on the bed, shut my eyes, and jabbed with a hat pin. The pin speared the pink one, so I put it on. It is becoming, isn't it? Tell me, what do you think of my looks?"

"I suppose you do not remember the time your mother spanked you either. I shall never, no never, forget it. She was up here one night with you when you were about three, and you and ______ were playing out in the kitchen yard with a kitten. I had a big puncheon of rainwater by the spout which I was reserving for making soap. And you and ______ began quarrelling over the kitten. ______ was at one side of the puncheon standing on a chair, holding the kitten, and you were standing on a chair at the other side. You leaned across that puncheon and grabbed the kitten and pulled. You were always a great hand for taking what you wanted without too much ceremony. _____  held on tight and the poor kitten yelled but you dragged ____  and the kitten half over and then you both lost your balance and tumbled into that puncheon, kitten and all. If I had not been on the spot you would both have been drowned. I flew to the rescue and hauled you all three out before much harm was done, and your mother, who had seen it all from the upstairs window, came down and picked you up, dripping as you were, and gave you a beautiful spanking. Ah, those were happy old days at Ingleside."

"I wouldn't give up altogether.  I'd write a story once in a while, but I wouldn't pester editors with it. I'd write of people and places like I knew, and I'd make my characters talk everyday English; and I'd let the sun rise and set in the usual quiet way without much fuss over the fact."

"Don't quote the Bible flippantly.  You must excuse her, Miss_____. She just ain't used to getting married.  Well, all I hope is the groom won't have a hunted look like so many of them do.  I s'pose they do feel that way, but they needn't show it so plain."

"I am not sorry that I came. I'm satisfied. I'll never write the poems I once dreamed of writing—but I've helped to make Canada safe for the poets of the future—for the workers of the future—ay, and the dreamers, too—for if no man dreams, there will be nothing for the workers to fulfil—the future, not of Canada only but of the world."


Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

What a lovely quiz! I'm ashamed to say I don't recognize many of them and I enjoyed reading the quotes immensely!
I'll try my hand at a few of the quotes though. :)

Anne-girl said...

1. Susan~ Rilla of Ingleside
Whiskers on the Moon
2. Miss Cornelia Bryant~ Anne's House of Dreams
3. Davy?~ Anne of Avonlea
4. Miss Patty~ Anne of the Island
5. Anne~ Anne of Avonlea
6. Rilla~ Anne of Ingleside
7. Davy~ Anne of Avonlea
8. Phillipa Gordon~ Anne of the Island
9. Susan~ Rilla of Ingleside
10. Mr. Harrison~ Anne of Avonlea
11. Aunt Mouser~ Anne of Windy Poplars
Miss Shirley
12. Walter~ Rilla of Ingleside

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

There were a couple of quotes that were slightly familiar so here's my guesses.

Is quote #4 said by Matthew Cuthbert? It sounds like the scene where he gives Anne the dress with puffed sleeves. Is that in Anne of Green Gables?

Is quote #8 said by Anne Shirley? it sounds very like her! :)
I wouldn't know which book it's from though.

Quote #10 sounds like Gilbert Blythe, something he says in The Sequel so maybe it's from Anne of Avonlea or Anne of the Island?

Hanne-col said...

4. is from "Anne of the Island"

7. is either "Anne of Avonlea" or "Anne of the Island" I can't remember exactly which.

8. Is "Anne of the Island" from that seen where Anne first meets dear Philippa.

10. is either "Anne of Avonlea" or "Anne of the Island"

Melody said...

Oooh. I am going to fail miserably at this and you will be Very Ashamed of me.
But maybe you'd rather I try than not. :P Haha, I would rather. Because I like quotes.

1. Er.... cats.... Anne of the Island?

2. Haha! NOW I know what you were talking about all this time. ;) I think you said it was from Anne of Windy Poplars.

6. Sounds like Rilla when she was younger, perhaps? So maybe Rainbow Valley?

7. Heh. Davy Keith. But I can't decide whether it's Avonlea or the Island. I...can't...decide... can I get a half point if it's one of them? =D
No? Oh.

8. PHILIPPA!!!!!!!! (Anne of the Island) Haha, Maggie and I are always talking about this scene. :D

10. That is NOT Gilbert Blythe and is, in fact... er... Oh dear. What was his name?? Does it begin with an 'H'? (Proberly not because it seems like whenver I think something will begin with a certain letter, it doesn't. :P)
Anyways, Anne of Avonlea.

Sigh. I'm sorry, Twinnie. I hope you will forgive my poor ignorant self for not knowing nearly enough of these. Sigh.

Maria Elisabeth said...

I recognize some of these quotes. Here are my guesses.

1: Susan Baker, Rilla of Ingleside (the name on the blank is Whiskers-on-the-Moon.)
2: Miss Cornelia Bryant, Anne of Windy Poplars
4: Miss Patty, Anne of the Island
6: Anne of Avonlea
7: Davy Keith, Anne of Avonlea
8: Philippa Gordon, Anne of the Island
9: Susan Baker, Rilla of Ingleside (the name on the blank is Rilla)
10: *searches mind frantically* that was – oh, I forgot his name. Well, that was what’s-his-name from Anne of Avonlea
12: Walter Blythe, Rilla of Ingleside

Hayden said...

let's see...

1: hahaha. This is Rilla of Ingleside, said by Susan, in reference to Whiskers on Moon...I'm pretty sure, anyway.

2: Okay, this is Miss Cornelia, in Anne's House of Dreams, I think.

3:Drawing a blank here...

4: Anne of the Island- it's one of the old ladies of Patty's Place- what were their names???

5: Anne of Avonlea; I know it's in reference to Daisy- was it Anne who said this, or Marilla?

6: I think this is Rilla- from Rainbow Valley, maybe?

7: Anne of Avonlea- said by Davey :D

8: I love this quote!!! classic Phil :) Anne of the Island, by the way

9: This is seriously my FAVORITE part of Rilla of Ingleside, said by Susan. Speaking to Ken, with the blanks filled by...oh my, I can't remember!! It was Jem... right?

10: Anne of Avonlea; Mr. Harrison

11:Ahhhh!!!! I can't remember!!!!

12: *sob* Rilla of Ingleside, Walter....let me sob again....

Rachel Olivia said...

1. Susan is the speaker and Whiskers over the Moon is the name. Rilla of Ingleside
2. Captain Jim in Anne's House of Dreams
3. Davy Keith :D Anne of Avolea
4. Miss Patty in Anne of the Island
5. Anne regarding Dora in Anne of Avonlea
6. Rilla Bylthe in ? Rainbow Valley (of Anne of Ingleside).
7. Davy Keith in Anne of Avonlea
8. Philippa Gordon in Anne of the Island
9. Mwahahaha. This is Susan talking to Kenneth Ford when he wants to be alone with Rilla and ask her something special. Rilla of Ingleside.
10. Mr. Harrison in Anne of the Island. He was a character they should not have omitted from the movies. He was quite hilarious.
11. HA! Aunt Mouser regarding Sally to Anne in Anne of Windy Poplars.
12. Paul? Or Walter? Or Owen Ford.
I think I got all of them fairly easily except the first which took me a moment, and I do not recognize the last one at all.

Julia said...

Aaah! Love this! I think I recognized all but one! And, oh bother, no time. I'm about to leave for 4 days of vacation. I'll be back to answer these! :D

Miss Dashwood said...

You have 23 points! The ones you missed were the book in #2 and both on #3.

Miss Laurie,
Sorry, all your answers were incorrect. :( Feel free to try again though!

You have five points and your guesses were all correct! Feel free to try again and guess some of the characters.

"'Tis better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all." And you didn't fail. :) You have - points. You were right about the two you chose for #7 but I only gave you points for the character... :) Haha, I somehow thought you'd get #8. And yes, you correctly guessed the first letter of his last name for #10. And no, it's NOT... the person you said it wasn't. You are correct.
It's okay, Tween. If this had been a movie quiz you would have had them all and probably been able to catch the ones I'd misquoted, so it's all good. :)

Miss Dashwood said...

Oops, and I left the space blank for your number of points... silly me. I was still calculating. You have four points. :)

Maria Elisabeth,
You have 13 points. The ones you missed were 2, 6 and part of 9--you guessed the character and book but not the name in the blank. Yes, #10 is what's-his-name from that book. :P Thanks for playing!

Congratulations, 17 points! You have the book right for #2 but not the character. The character and book are right for #9 (LOVE that part too!) but not the blanks. Sobbing with you on the one you were sobbing over...

Rachel Olivia,
You have 20 points, great job! The ones you missed were #3 and #12... the character is one of the ones you guessed, but I have to have a definite answer to give points. :( Feel free to try again--I liked your mwahahahas about #9. :)

Lit~Lass said...

Well, I see I desperately need to reread the whole series, since I was sure of very few of the answers. :( I'm sorry for all the rambling and multiple guesses.

1. I was going to go with Rebecca Dew because of her problems with Dusty Miller, but a suspicion enters my mind that this might be Whiskers-on-the-Moon's hand and there may have been a cat Susan hated in Rilla of Ingleside.

2. This doesn't really sound like Miss Cornelia to me, so I'll guess Captain Jim is explaining the concept. (Anne's House of Dreams)

3. Is it Davey or Jem? (In the first instance it could be Anne of Avonlea or Anne of the Island. If it's Jem it's probably from Anne of Ingleside.)

4. That's Miss Patty from Anne of the Island.

5. Anne talking about Dora in Anne of Avonlea.

6. That'th Rilla in Anne of Ingleside. Or would it be Rainbow Valley? I just realized she would've still lisped, since the end of RoI is "Yeth". ;)

7. Davey always wants to know. I'll guess Anne of the Island (though it's obviously not from his masterpiece of a letter).

8. Is it that woman in Anne of Windy Willows who told Anne about all the inhabitants of the graves? I can't remember her name. *Cries* Was the first name Minny or did I just snatch that out of thin air?

9. Dear Susan Baker, embarrassing Rilla while talking to Kenneth Ford in Rilla of Ingleside. I'm assuming the name in the blanks is Jem, since I can't see Walter quarreling so.

10. Anne speaking. I'll guess Anne of the Island.

11. What a delicious quote! I just can't figure out who it is. Does it have anything to do with Nora (I think her name was) in Anne of Windy Willows?

12. Walter in Rilla of Ingleside. Is it his last letter?

Melody said...

Four? FOUR?
*gasps, chokes, falls dead upon the ground*

If that ain't failin', deary, I don't know what is. And furthermore, I would much rather get book quotes than movie quotes right. "I'd much rather be pretty than smart." haha. ;) (Not really true, I just reminded myself of the quote. haha)

Ah, I might have done better if I'd read the books I HAVE read more recently, but as it is, I read them--mind you--before I even knew who Jane Austen was. Ha, you get the picture.

H... is it Harrison? Mr. Harrison?

Also... you didn't say which ones I got wrong. So, all the ones you didn't mention me getting right, are those the ones I got wrong? ;)

And for 7... sigh, I guess I'll go with Anne of the Island. Just because I remembuh that one bettuh.

Make your own quiz said...

Great Post!

In His Wings said...

1. Anne of Windy Poplars, Rebecca Dew
2. Anne's House of Dreams, Captain Jim or Cornelia Bryant (I can't recall which), Anne Shirley
4. Anne of the Island, ( I can't think of the woman's name, but she is speaking of Patty's Place),Anne Shirley
5. Anne of Avonlea, Anne Shirley to Marilla Cuthbert about Dora Keith
6. Rainbow Valley, Rilla Blythe
7. Anne of Avonlea, Davy Keith, Anne Shirley
8. Anne of the Island,Philippa Gordon,
10. Anne of Avonlea, Gilbert Blythe, Anne Shirley
12. Rilla of Ingleside, Walter Blythe, Final Letter

The first answers are my guesses on the book titles, second, the person speaking, third to whom or about what.

God bless,
Sarah Grace


Ella said...

Thanks for doing this Miss Dashwood!
My guesses:
3.Said by Davy Keith,in the book Anne of the Island
5.Said by Anne Shirley,in the book Anne of Avonlea.
6.Said by Dora Keith ,in the book Anne of the Island.
7.Said By Davy Keith,in the book Anne of Avonlea
10.Said by Gilbert Blythe,in the book Anne of the Island.

Miss Dashwood said...

You have 17 points! Sorry, your answers for #3, #8, #10 were incorrect. You guessed the character correctly for #7, but not the book. Heehee, you have the character and book correct for #9 but not the blank... everyone seems to be missing this one! I think you will all have a good laugh when I reveal who it really was. :) Yes, you correctly guessed the book for #11 but not the character. And yes, the context for #12 was what you thought it was.

*rushes to apply CPR and smelling salts and the Heimlich maneuver*
That ain't failin', deary. Failin' would've been not even trying, remember? Haha, yes, now you have the name right. So now you have five points. Don't choke again. :P
Here are the ones you got wrong--
#1 (both), #2 (both), #6 (book), #7 (book). Do try again on #7 if you like!

Sarah Grace,
You have 12 points! Sorry, your answers for #1 were incorrect. You correctly guessed the book for #2, and yes it is one of those characters. But you have to choose one. :) The character is correct for #6 but not the book. On #10, you have the book right but not the character. Feel free to try again!

You have four points! Your guesses for #3, #6 and #10 were incorrect, unfortunately. You can try again though, if you want! Thanks for participating!

Hanne-col said...

7. is Davy Keith talking

I'm think number 3. is Davy too in either Anne of Avonlea or Anne of the Island

I can't for the life of me remember the older woman who owned that cottage in "Anne of the Island" when their at college, but I do know 4. is said by her. What was her name?

8. is Philippa Gordon. I love her!

I can't remember the man's name who said 10. but I do remember being throughly surprised it wasn't Gilbert like in the movie.

How'd I do?

Hayden said...

Okay... so the blanks in 9 MUST be Walter?

Lit~Lass said...

Grrr! Why didn't I think more carefully about #10? I just realized it sounded like Mr. Harrison in Anne of Avonlea.

I still can't figure eight out, even though I consider AoWW my second favorite after AoGG.

Well, can't wait to have all revealed, especially who Ken was fighting with. Thanks for such an awesome quiz and reminding me how much I need to reread the whole series, even though I don't have the time. ;)

In His Wings said...

1. Rilla of Ingleside , Susan Baker, Whiskers-on-the-moon (I can't for the life of me remember the man's actual name)
2. Captain Jim
6. Anne of Ingleside
10. Marilla Cuthbert

God bless,
Sarah Grace

Miss Dashwood said...

You are right about the character in #7, but not #3. You're up to six points now!

Yep... unlikely, right? :D You have 18 points now!

You are right about #10! You're now up to 19 points.

Sarah Grace,
Correct on all your new guesses except #10! You now have 16 points.

Melody said...

Okay, 2 is Anne's House of Dreams. (I was going to guess that BEFORE I saw Anne-girl's post. I promise.)

And 7... haha, I forgot what I guessed... I might remember.
So, is it Anne of Avonlea??

Lit~Lass said...

Soary, but I can't stop thinking about the quotes and trying to figure out what I missed. It is a matter of principle (actually of honor).

I guess I gave two answers for #3, so I'm going to still stick with one of them - Jem in A of Ingleside.

If #7 was a different book than my guess, by default it's Anne of Avonlea.

Here's a wild guess for the character in #9. Was it Nan? (Oh, the plagues and tortures of doubt that it might've been Diana.)

I think I can only remember one wedding in AoWW, so I'm still sticking with Nora's story, though I realized the name I was looking for was Aunt Mouser for #11 and I assume she's speaking to Miss Shirley.

# 8 remains in impenetrable mystery, and you must use your imagination to understand the pains I go through as I wait for it to be revealed. ;)

Miss Dashwood said...

Heehee, I trust you about #2. :) You're right on both counts-- eight points now.

Oh, don't apologize! I'm afraid #3 and #9 are still incorrect, but you're right about #7 and #11. 19 points!

Katy-Anne said...

What fun!

1. Susan Baker in Rilla
2. Captain Jim in House of Dreams
4. Miss Patty in Island
5. Anne (of Dora) in Avonlea
7. Davy in Avonlea
8. Philippa Gordon in Island
9. Susan Baker in Rilla (LOVE that scene:))
10. Mr. Harrison in Island
12. Walter in Rilla

Miss Dashwood said...

Great work, you have 18 points! I love the scene in #9, too. :)

Miss Dashwood said...

Okay, folks, entries are closed in this contest! The winners and the correct answers will be posted tomorrow morning.

Yi Ning said...

The chills! The chills! Oh I just adore the last quote--gives me goosebumps every single time. Dear Walter.

Anonymous said...

Question marks indicate the things I don't remember.

1. Whiskers-on-the-Moon. Susan Baker, Rilla of Ingleside
I actually laughed the first time they mentioned the name Whiskers-on-the-Moon.
2. Captain Jim, Anne's House of Dreams
3. Jerry Meredith, Rainbow Valley
4. ?, Anne of the Island
5. Anne Shirley, Anne of Avonlea
6. Rilla Blythe, Rainbow Valley
7. Davy Keith, Anne of Avonlea
8. Phillipa Gordon, Anne of the Island
9. Jem. Susan Baker, Rilla of Ingleside
10. Gilbert Blythe?, ?
11. ?, ?
12. Walter Blythe, Rilla of Ingleside
Even with all the foreshadowing there was, I was still heart-broken when Walter died. When I read of it, I simply closed the book and cried. Walter and I were such kindred spirits. I could never decide on a favourite fictional book character, but when I met Walter he was almost immediately given that very prestigious and rare title. It was with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart that I read his final letter, written on the night before his death. But there - I'll stop gushing before I start going on and on about all the things I love about his deep and sincere nature.

Thanks for this cool little quote quiz you put together here, even if it has been three years since you did it! :) I am a die-hard Anne fan, and I'm interested in anything you have about the Anne of Green Gables series.

- Sarah with an H