Monday, March 12, 2012

Anne of Green Gables Week: Welcome and Tag Questions

Welcome to Anne of Green Gables Week here at Yet Another Period Drama Blog! I have been looking forward to this SO much and I'm super, super excited for the fun we're all going to have this week.

It's standard fare at blogging events, I believe, to have a tag of some sort for readers to fill out and participate in. So, with the help of my dear friend Melody, I've come up with ten tag questions for y'all to answer.  They're a little bit out of the ordinary, but that's not a bad thing, right?  If you're interested in participating, please copy these questions to your blog and come up with some wildly romantic and imaginative answers.  I can't figure out how to install those linky-things, but I would love it if, after you've posted your answers, you could all come back here and provide the rest of us with a link to your answers.  (That way, everybody can read what everyone else has to say.) So please do leave a URL in a comment if you don't mind.  Thanks!

Now, instead of posting the tag once to give all y'all the questions, and once again for my answers, I decided to save space and combine the two.  (I have seriously so many posts planned for this week, space is precious!)  So I'm posting the questions and my answers together, and y'all are smart enough to copy the questions for yourselves. ;) (How many times have I used the word "y'all" in this post?? Mor'ifying!)

1. How many of the Anne books have you read, and how many of the films have you seen?

I have read all eight books in the original Anne series, and I've seen both of the gorgeous Kevin Sullivan films. Notice I say "both." There's a rumor flying around that there's another movie out there masquerading under the name of "Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story", but I refuse to acknowledge that movie's existence. That is, I would if it existed. Which it doesn't. Right?
*Edit* Melody kindly reminded me that I have also seen the 1970's BBC miniseries Anne of Avonlea.  Which I will be reviewing later this week, but forgot to mention in this answer.  I should probably do a facepalm right now, but I think I might have been overdoing that a tad lately.  *End of Edit* (what? we we end spoilers; why shouldn't we end edits too?)
2. If someone yanked your hair and called you carrots, what would you do to him?

Do we want the honest answer here or the polite answer? Heh. Um, I hardly think I'd crack a slate over his head, but I would probably tell him off in no uncertain terms. (After I'd finished demanding why on earth he called me carrots, since my hair is about as un-carrotish as it comes.) And I'd probably berate myself later for losing my temper in public. Provided this all happened in public, that is. If it didn't, I'd be mad at myself for losing my temper in private.

3. What would you do if Josie Pye dared you to walk the ridgepole of a roof?

Stand on firm ground and let her dare away. Such goings-on!

4. If you had the opportunity to play any AGG (I'm abbreviating from now on because I am a lazy typist) character in an AGG play, which role would you choose?

Mrs. Rachel Lynde would be a fun part. :) I don't think I'd make a very good Anne, or Diana for that matter, but I might do a very convincing Josie Pye. Villainesses are fun to play.

5. If you were marooned on a desert island, which AGG character would you want to have as a companion? (Anne, Gilbert and Diana are not options.  Let's keep this thing interesting.  Not that they're not interesting.... oh, yay, now the disclaimer to this question is longer than the question itself.  Lovely lovely lovely.)

Marilla Cuthbert, definitely. She'd be calm and sensible and wouldn't fly into a flurry, and together we'd tame the monkeys and crack coacoa-nuts for ourselves. (I'm aware that that word is spelled wrong. I did that simply to MMG--make Melody giggle.)

6. If there was going to be a new adaptation of the Anne books and you could have any part in making the movie, what would you choose to do? (screenwriting, acting, casting, costume-making are a few possibilities)

I'd be the casting director. More on that in a later post this week...

7. What are, in your opinion, the funniest AGG book/movie scenes? (choose one from the books and one from the movies)

Ugh, why did I make up this question? There are SOOOO many. Okay, the funniest book scene is undoubtedly Anne's babysitting experience in Anne of Windy Poplars. Just go read it. "We want to play wolf!" (Pardon me while I go giggle hysterically.) The funniest movie scene is a toss-up between Anne and Diana's mud puddle adventure in the Sequel and the famous Don't Eat It Miss Stacy scene in the first movie. :)

8. What are, in your opinion, the saddest AGG book/movie scenes? (choose one of each again) 

SPOILERS, SPOILERS!  The cliche movie answer would be, of course, the scene where Matthew dies, but for me that's not the right answer.  The part where I completely lose it (yes, even after watching the movie literally a dozen times) is the scene where Marilla is comforting Anne the night after the funeral.  I am a mess after that part.  But I still love it.  And the saddest book scene would definitely have to be SPOILERS AGAIN! chapter 23 of Rilla of Ingleside (which happens to be my second favorite Anne book).  Otherwise known as "And So, Goodnight" or Walter's Letter.  My copy of the book has bubbly pages in that part from being cried over so much.  That, and the scene where Jem comes home and Little Dog Monday meets him at the station.  Tearing up just typing this...

9. Which AGG character would you most like to spend an afternoon with? (again, Anne and Gilbert and Diana are not options for this one--think secondary characters)

Probably Philippa Gordon from Anne of the Island.  Philippa's absolutely hilarious and sweet and naive and frivolous and just plain fun.

10.  What is your definition of a kindred spirit?
    A kindred spirit is someone who always knows what to say, but doesn't need words to know how you feel. A kindred spirit is a friend with whom you can always feel safe, a person whose thoughts mirror your own.  That doesn't necessarily mean the two of you will always agree-- it just means that you will always understand each other.  Kindred spirits have private jokes that nobody else "gets", tons of common interests, similar (or identical) senses of humor and above all a common relationship with Jesus Christ.  Ultimately, faith in our Savior is the tie that binds kindred spirits together.

    So, now... your turn!


    Miss Dashwood said...

    Apologies for all the weird spacing in this post... formatting isn't my strong point and I can't figure out how to get the silly thing to do what I want. Shnibly.

    Jemimah C. said...

    After the long wait, it's finally here! Thank you for hosting this, Miss Dashwood. You are simply wonderful.

    I love the tag questions...and your answers to them. Quite hilarious, m'dear. I'll try to answer this tag sometime within the week. I'm looking forward to the other delightful things you have in store for the Anne of Green Gables Week!

    Melody said...

    Weird spacing? You have my sympathies, definitely. Happens to me every time.
    Sometimes it's actually a little easier to fix on Internet Explorer (albeit slow and frustrating).

    Hahahaha... that did Make Melody Giggle.

    You'd be the casting director, would you? Well then you must cast me as...

    Haha, I remember watching AoGG with my family when I was younger, and my mom would fast-forward the scene where Matthew dies because it was too sad. Haha, of course, once I learnt that I liked watching sad scenes in movies, I didn't do that anymore... ;-)
    A friend of mine said that that's the only scene she cries about in movies except movies about horses and dogs.
    The Idea! *sniffs snootily*

    Your answer on 10 is excellent. But now I probably won't be able to think of anything original to say...
    Well, I'll try.

    Some of these questions will be Very Hard. I do not know how I shall manage. ;-)

    Haha, you did say "ya'll" a lot, didn't you? ;-)

    You didn't mention in #1 that you've seen the Anne of Avonlea with Uriah Heep in it. o.O

    Ugh, hafta go...

    Miss Dashwood said...

    I'll be looking forward to reading your answers! Lots of fun coming up this week...

    Very well, if you wish to be cast, I'll find you a part. Somewhere. Um... you can be Miss Cornelia Bryant. ;) She's a sweeter version of Mrs. Lynde. One of my favorite characters, actually.
    Your friend cries during the death of horses and dogs?
    Thanks for reminding me about the Uriah Heep Anne! I went back and edited the post. :)

    Bekah said...

    I am doing your tag! :D

    Here is the link to my post:

    I'd love to hear your thoughts in a comment on that post! ;)

    I had fun doing it & tried to "fancy it up" with some photos... :)

    Rachel Olivia said...

    I have only read the first q and a and HAD to comment (I will definitely do a post though) because I believe I know exactly how you feel about the rumor. Unfortunately, I have seen the alleged third movie which trust me only keeps the same names and that is IT. During the movie and after I was literally ranting and raving(my family can attest-they had to tell me to get over it),so trust me-it is as bad if not worse than you think.

    In His Wings said...

    Thank you for hosting this. I simply adore AoGG. I rewatch the films constantly along with the RtA series. My tag answers are in a post on my blog.
    Not certain if the link will work.

    God bless,
    Sarah Grace

    Melody said...

    Hmmm... which book is she in?
    I don't know whether during the death of them. She just says dog and horse movies in general. (I *so* do not get it. :P)
    And when Matthew dies. :P

    Lorren Lemmons said...

    Here is mine: Fun questions!

    Rachel Olivia said...

    I answered the tag questions on my blog, and here is the link

    Lit~Lass said...

    Lovely questionnaire and a fine tribute to the Anne-girl, but what you really need to add is Anne's question: Would you rather be angelically good, dazzlingly clever or (not sure about the adjective) beautiful? ;)

    Here's my post.

    Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

    I enjoyed reading your answers, hilarious! I loved the MMG! :)
    And your definition of a kindred spirit is perfect! You are a true kindred spirit dear Mouse! :)

    I've posted my answers to the tag questions here:

    Thanks for doing this Anne week!

    Alexandra said...

    Yippee!!!! SOOOO EXCITED.

    LOVE the answers. Love, love, love.

    The one with URIAH HEEP?!?!?!? Which one? OMS. Ugh. Who was he?

    Ok, so here's my answers to the questions...

    YAY! So excited about this week!!!

    PS. OH! (hahaha, why have a PS in a comment? It's fun, duh). I was going to email and say that I had a dream that we found the perfect Susan for the casting...we were all excited...but in the dream it didn't say who it was. help there. :-D

    Ella said...

    Thanks for hosting AGG week!
    P.S.I have posted my answers on my blog.

    Bekah said...

    Just realized that you have the Anne soundtrack on your blog! :)

    I don't get to hear the music when I am at work, which I was yesterday.

    So lovely! The soundtrack is a favorite of mine indeed!! ♥

    Marcia said...

    here is my link!!!

    Maria Elisabeth said...

    I had a lot of fun filling this out. Here's my link:

    By the way, I don't see any wierd spacing in your post. Maybe it's my computer, or maybe it's just me. I don't know.

    Hayden said...

    yay! so excited! here's my post :

    Rachel Heffington said...

    A bit late in the game, but here's mine! :)

    Leanna said...

    I've been meaning to get in on this earlier. Oh well. =)

    Enjoying all your posts this week!

    Here's my answers:

    Hanne-col said...

    LOVE, LOVE this tag Miss Dashwood!

    Here's my link:

    Anonymous said...

    Mine's a bit late... the story of my life! : )

    Here's mine...


    Melody said...

    Here is mine! (At long last.)

    Katie Edwards said...

    oh, wow! Just stumbled upon this blog, and I'm really going to enjoy reading all your posts. (I am a girl who is convinced that if I believed in reincarnation, and if Anne was a real person, she would be me in a past life.) And for all the other commenters to have posted links on their blogs - I could be stuck on this 'ere internet for a while. I'm late to the party, but may I answer these questions on my blog too? I don't need an excuse to talk about Anne, but if I've got one, so much the better.

    Miss Dashwood said...

    Thanks so much for commenting! Of course you may put the tag questions on your blog-- now that Anne week is over, I won't be linking to peoples' answers anymore, but do feel free to fill out the questions! If you leave a comment with the URL when you're done, I'd love to read them if you don't mind.
    I never need an excuse to talk about Anne either. :D

    Anonymous said...

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