Saturday, March 10, 2012

Anne Week is almost here

Just wanted to remind you all that Anne of Green Gables Week is very nearly upon us! *rushes madly around in circles, squealing "NOT READY, NOT READY!"*

I made a miscalculation in my dates, and for that I am very sorry ("soary" in a Gilbert Blythe voice).  Anne Week will not, in actual fact, begin until March 12th.  I know all the buttons and blinkies and whatever say March 11th, but it is not so.  I do apologize!

At any rate, I hope very much to see you all here on Monday, March 12th, when the fun begins.  This week will include...

~a personality quiz
~a guest post from a blogger you know and love
~possibly another guest post from another blogger you know and love
~a quote quiz
~a dream cast
~a movie review
~another movie review
~lots of pictures and ramblings
~blatherings about favorite characters
~tons and tons of romantical, kindred-spirit fun!


Ella said...

I am sooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!

Alexandra said...

Yippee!!!! (dances around the room) CANNOT WAIT!!! So did pesky Susan ever reveal herself to you? :-P

Which reminds me that I need to get my Anne stuff in order...

Melody said...

Hahaha... It finally dawned on me why you get followers so fast.

You are just hilarious, Tween, and that's all there is to it. Even (or perhaps even especially) your short posts MMG so much. Of course, it could mainly be me who is far to easily amused by witty people. ;)

I am so excited for the personality quiz. *bounces up and down*

Hayden said...

yay yay yay yay yaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yipeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Okay....I'm calm now.

I love personality quizzes! I had actually made an Anne one quite awhile ago if you want to check it out:

Melody said...

Far toO amused, I mean. Of course.

Anne-girl said...

I'm officially stealing Melody's comment. it is obvious dear sister why everyone loves you. You are veddy funny. One of my most promising pupils.

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot wait. I am fairly dancing with excitement!!

By the way, Miss Dashwood, I must thank you. You have given me one of my newest and most popular catch phrases: *facepalm*. I had never heard it before your blog, and now I am using it all the time. And I don't just write it... I SAY it. Out loud. In fact, just the other day, I was describing a scenario to my mom and I said something along the lines of, "Yeah, so she said that, and I just couldn't believe it! I wanted to sigh and land a good, hearty facepalm." She cracked up!
And every time I say it, one of my friends or family just about die laughing. =) Like I said, it's popular! =)

Emily said...

Yay!! It's going to be awesome!

Rachel Olivia said...

Yeah, the activities and posts sound sooo much fun. Oh, and I love that your spelled "sorry" the way it sounds when Gilbert says "sorry." My siblings and I love repeating him whenever we hear it!

Rachel Heffington said...

I can't wait! I've recently been rediscovering my love for Anne--I seem to have buried her under mountains of Dickens and forgot about her. :(

Jemimah C. said...

I am standing on my toes with excitement! I'm so, so, so excited. Only a day till the Anne of Green Gables Week!

Miss Dashwood said...

Yay, me too!

Nope, there is one person on that dream cast who continues to elude us...

Haha, I'm glad I could MYG, Tween. (although I had to go back and reread the post to see what it was you found so funny--was it the 'soary'? o.O) Haha, your second comment MMG too...

I loved that personality quiz! I took it right away when I first discovered your blog (back in November, I think). That was what inspired me to create one of my own. I promise I won't copy you, though. ;)

Oh, well, I learn from the Master Herself. Er, the Mistress. The One Who Knows How To Be Funny. Whatever.

Miss Dashwood said...

Haha, I've never said facepalm out loud, but maybe one of these days I will... I wonder if my mom would crack up laughing? I'll have to try it. :)

Thanks for commenting! I'm looking forward to this!

Rachel Olivia,
Ooh, fun, we do that too. :) "I'm really sooooaaary I pulled your hair, Anne!"

Me too-- I'm rereading Rilla of Ingleside and I'd forgotten how much I adore those books.

Alexandra said...

"A woman we consider more dangerous than all the others combined...Susan!"

Hehe. We can be a pair. :-P

Melody said...

You need not steal my comment. I will share it with you. heehee

Miss Dashwood,
It's just your style of writing in general. It's just... you.
Like "*rushes madly around in circles, squealing 'NOT READY, NOT READY!'*"
Soary of course MMG because you sort of got it from me.
"possibly another guest post from another blogger you know and love" rather amused me too (and made me curious). The word 'blatherings' is just funny in general. And then of course 'romantical' MMG.
And those are just the ones I can explain and make it sound at all sensical. (That should be a word, if 'nonsensical' is. :P)