Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Anne of Green Gables Week: Personality Quizzes

I absolutely adore personality quizzes.  (I also use too many superlatives.  Gotta work on that.) I was planning to make one for Anne Week and did, in fact, spend a great deal of time and effort on it, BUT (which is the quizmaker I use-- can anyone else recommend a better one???) was being Quite Obstinate and would not work properly for me.  And I lost my quiz.  Shnibly.

So instead, I provide you with my quiz answers from two other personality quizzes (not made by me), and I encourage you to take them for yourselves.  And I apologize for not having my own quiz to share with you.  It was really quite a blow, because I had all these awesome questions and answers, and SIX different results.... sigh.  Blame Proprofs.

Here's my first result:

Who are you in Anne's circle of friends?
Who are you in Anne's Circle of Friends?

You can try out this quiz at

Then I tried Hayden's quiz and got this result...

You are Diana Barry!

Most people would love to have a friend like you- you’re fiercely loyal and know how to have fun! Sometimes you can be a bit of a scaredy cat, but it’s easy to convince you to join in on an adventure. You’d love to one day become a wife and mother, but for now you’re content to share secrets and giggle with friends.

You can take Hayden's quiz here.


Molly said...

Accckkkkk!!!!! I took the first quiz and I was Josie Pye!

Naomi said...

That is exactly the results I got!! (: (:

Melody said...

Heh... that's why when I make quizzes I just let everyone comment with their answers and figure out their result. Which can be a lot of work (if you are hosting an event, especially, I would think), but it's also interesting because then you can see what everyone answers. =D

I shall go take quizzes.


Wonders never cease. (Or if they do, it will be when I'm long gone. hahahaha)

Melody said...

For the first one I got Anne (haha--like you... but I really think you are more like Anne than I am) and the second one didn't work.

Shnibly indeed. I don't like this website. Mental note: Never use Proprofs. It is a dud.

Emily said...

First I was told I was Josie Pye then Anne O.o

...and I only changed one of my responses...

Is hereby disturbed. Josie Pye. O.o

Anonymous said...

: ) I got Anne Shirley. Don't know how that worked - LOL!!

Thanks, Miss Dashwood and Hayden!


Lit~Lass said...

It seems the second quiz "does not exist". :(
Everytime I take the first one I think I'm going to get Jane Adrews, because of my hair and my unromantic views of children. But then I always come out as either Anne or Katherine Brooke. I'm not complaining.

As the Crowe Flies and Reads said...

I'm off to take the quizzes and see the results, but I've found that Pirate Monkeys is pretty easy for putting together a quiz or survey.

Ella said...

I got Anne both times!
Which I think is a good thing(most of the time:)

Sarah said...

I got Anne Shirley in both the quizzes-so I think it's pretty sure whom I'm most like! Thank you for posting-I love quizzes!

Diana said...

I can see how you have both Anne and Diana in you. I'll be sure to take these.

P.S. THANK YOU for allowing us to enjoy Anne music on your blog this week. I melted when I unexpectedly heard the opening notes. This music will also have a special place in my heart. :)

Banners Portland said...

Have always loved Anne of Green Gables.

Miss Dashwood said...

Olly Molly,
You poor thing. I feel for you in this great sorrow, and I can completely sympathize, believe me. Remember how your Sister Dear was told she was Chauvelin? *shudders* We'll get through this somehow.

Ooh, how fun!

YES I JUST SAID SHNIBLY IN A BLOG POST. I am learning thy ways. :) Did you just quote OAN at me (paraphrased, but still a quote)??? Thou art learning MY ways...

Hmm. Horrid. Horrid. Absolutely. Very sad. Tragic. (I'm quoting Edmund Sparkler, btw.)

Did you get her in both quizzes? That's what my sister got-- but she goes by Anne-girl, so that fits quite nicely. :)

Ooh, I really like Katherine Brooke. She's a real sweetie after she gets over her "prickles and stings".

As the Crowe Flies and Reads,
Thanks for the tip! I'll have to check out Pirate Monkeys.

A very good thing!

Well, there's some pretty good proof that you are like Anne then!

Aww, I'm glad you like the music! It's probably my favorite soundtrack ever.

Banners Portland,
Me too!

Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed to give my answer..... Josie Pye!! =P Gack! I think that quiz is screwy.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I didn't see the first one... just Hayden's quiz.

: ) Anne again. : )

Guess that means that *I* get Gilbert!!!!


Melody said...

Haha, yes, that was an OAN reference. ;) I believe in learning your ways, tootuz I like your ways. (Especially when you do the same for me. =) )

Haha, not even *I* have said shnibly in a blog post before... ;D

Lucy said...

I'm Anne!!
So glad..... :)

Anonymous said...

Um...I turned out as....Gilbert???

Emily said...

I was Anne Shirley first and Diana Barry in Hayden's quiz! :)

Miss Darcy Fletcher said...

I turned out to be Anne in both of them.

Anonymous said...

I'm Matthew Cuthbert. Dear old Matthew :)

I took an Anne of Green Gables personality quiz a little while ago and ended up as... gag... Mr. Phillips. Don't know how that happened. Bad quiz. I took a different one and ended up as Matthew. Much better. Now I've gotten Mr. Phillips once and Matthew twice, so I'm just going with Matthew!

- Sarah with an H