Saturday, February 22, 2014

Little Letters, Third Edition

{Or whatever it's been... I think this is the third one I've done.  I should have kept count... anyways, this supposedly random post is basically my thinly veiled excuse for blogging about a bunch of stuff that is totally not period-drama-blog-related, namely Frozen and Sherlock, cough cough ahem, okay let's get on with it.}

Dear Sherlock Holmes,

We've had a pretty great relationship, you and I.  You were my new dream the book series that got me through those rough early teenage years when I was outgrowing most of the juvenile fiction I'd always loved, but hadn't yet discovered Jane Austen and her fellow geniuses.  And then I heard about the BBC show through Margaret Hale and Marie, to whom I'm forever indebted, and I waited and waited and waited to see it until I went to Ally's house and she (bless her heart) showed it to me.  And now?  Yeah, now I'm more in love than ever.  You're a great man, and someday if we're lucky you might be a good one.  Try not to start a war before I get home, you know what it does to the traffic.

Dear John Watson,

I was going to say just "Dear John," but thought that sounded a little too horrid, so I'm being formal.  You're seriously the best character in the show.  I'm not spoiling series 3 here for people who haven't seen it yet (nyah nyah :P) and I trust the rest of you won't do so in the comments, but let's just say you are the best friend I have ever seen in a TV show.  Ever.  That is, you do the best job of being a friend.  And a husband.  That hug (yes, that one) in His Last Vow... okay, I bawled.  You're my favorite.  Did I say that already?  I'll say it again.

Dear Reichenbach Fall,

The who, the what, the why, the when, the where, the HOW.  Don't inflict this kind of torture.  (Put your theories in the comments, peoples.  Seriously, share 'em.  I want to know.)  I'm going with the whole he-told-Anderson-because-he-knew-Anderson-would-doubt-that-it-was-the-truth-but-it-actually-was-so-he's-just-messing-with-Anderson-because-he's-Sherlock thing.  But, you know, some confirmation would be nice... or perhaps I should say TELL ME, WAS I RIGHT?

Dear Moriarty,

It's raining, it's pouring, you're anything but boring.  I didn't want to like a psychopathic criminal.  (And don't try and tell me YOU'RE a high-functioning sociopath.  Not buying it.)  And I still don't really LIKE you... it's just that you're kind of one of my favorite characters, if that makes any sense.   "Look at his face, Granny.  Hasn't he got a cute little face?"  "Wicked little face, if you ask me."  Sooooo *highlight for SPOILERS* if you could in any possible way be Not Dead, that would please me very much.  One more miracle, Moriarty. For the fans.  Also, your lines are pretty much The Most Quotable Ever.  Do you mind if I get that?

Dear Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss,

You guys are geniuses.  Evil geniuses.  Someday we're all going to be standing around a body and it'll be you two who put it there.  Don't get me wrong, I love your show (and Mr. Gatiss, you make a rather awesome Mycroft) but the amount of emotional trauma I went through this Valentine's Day was not pretty.  I spent almost the entire evening either in tears or totally in shock.  Look, I have a blanket.

Dear Every Heartwarming Moment in Sherlock,

You were kind of desperately needed.  Thanks for being there.  No, you didn't do it wrong.  Come here.

Dear Martha Finley,

I'll admit, I used to be a pretty big fan of the Elsie books.  (Then I discovered Jane Austen and realized what trash I'd been reading.)  Reader boredom aside, I think you had some serious familial/romantic issues.  I mean, come on.  Horace Dinsmore's an obsessive tyrant and Mr. Travilla's a creep and a half.  Practically proposing to an eight-year-old?  Really?  And don't get me started on the whole Bromly-Edgerton-and-Elsie thing.  If you're going to make your angelic heroine pull a complete Out Of Character stunt like that, you could at least make it interesting.  Sheesh.

Dear Frozen,

Thanks for being my first movie theater experience-- for having wonderful songs, for being the most heartwarming sister story I've seen in an animated film, for having incredible animation and for being an all-around feel-good movie.  (Could have done without some of the weirdness surrounding Elsa's powers, just sayin', but overall you were fantastic.)  I was totally thrilled with the way you took a lot of the Disney stereotypes (the dumb ones) and stood them on their heads.  (Hopefully they have skulls, or else that won't end well.)  "Love is... putting someone else's needs before yours, like, you know, how Kristoff brought you back to Hans and left you forever."  Speaking of which...

Dear Kristoff,

For the first time in forever, I fell in love with a Disney hero.  Despite the fact that you're a bit of a fixer-upper.  You're ranking right up there with Dug and Russell and Buzz and Jacques and Mater and Captain Hook on my Favorite Animated Characters list.  It was about time for a realistic Disney guy.  Seriously.  (Sorry, Flynn fans.  :P) Plus, you're also the sweetest character in the movie.  I didn't fangirl in public.  Of course not.   ...Well, not LOUDLY, anyway.

Dear Katherine Reay,

It sounds too weird to say Dear Dear Mr. Knightley, so I'm addressing the author instead of the novel.)  Your debut book is fighting its way to my Favorites of the Year list.  Somehow you managed to combine an actually likable heroine with a ton of great book quotes and a hero who's half jerk and half awesome (okay, maybe the halves are a little less evenly distributed, if that makes any sense) in an EPISTOLARY FORMAT and make it all work and be fabulous.  I loved it.  People, go read Dear Mr. Knightley. (But I needed more closure at the ending.  Gahhhhh.)

Dear Inside Jokes,

You're the best thing since tater tots.  I love how you can take completely normal items and ideas and turn them into something completely hilarious.  I will really never be able to look at cawing crows, olive oil, Pocahontas, my contacts list in Gmail (okay, so that's not a physical thing you can touch, but it's still THERE), Google Translate, hearts, Pinterest, the opening to Beethoven's Fifth, the name Martha or trench coats the same way ever again.  (Apologies to everyone who read that paragraph and is now convinced that I'm certifiably insane.)  *makes Moriarty face*

Dear blog readers,

Thanks for hanging in there while my blogging's been so sketchy lately... I'm hoping to get started reviewing movies again very soon!  Any input as to what should be next? I just... I really don't know.  Can't make up my mind. I'm shallying between Great Expectations (2011), Lark Rise to Candleford (Series 1), Little Women (1994) or Somewhere in Time (1980).  Thoughts, peoples?  Thanks so much!


Emma Jane said...

I always love reading these little letters. They're just so cute. :-)

Yes yes yes, PLEASE do a review of Somewhere in Time!!! But only if you're going to say good things about it. We won't even mention how far-out the storyline is, how unrealistic and just downright weird the plot is, and how it literally makes one's brain hurt to try to make any sense of it. Nope. It's all good. :-P
Haha, just kidding! In all seriousness, I really would love to see a review of it. :-)


Hannah said...

Ha ha! A VERY WARM WELCOME TO THE SHERLOCK FANDOM! I'm so glad you loved it so much :)

I just want to ask - and I really hope you don't mind - is Frozen really the first movie that you've ever seen at a movie theater (we call it a cinema in the UK)?! I don't doubt your honesty but I just can't get my head around it! I don't know anyone who's never been to a movie theater before. Oh dear, that might make you feel bad. Sorry!

Hmm, for your next post... I think I'd go with Great Expectations (2011) actually. I'd be interested to know your thoughts on that one.

JNC said...

No, he TOTALLY told Anderson the truth. Molly! *sigh* "John, what's wrong? What's happening?" What an awesome moment!

Ginger said...

Ah, so you've joined us. *smiles maniacally*

I know that hug's pretty hard to beat - but my favorite scene:

"Seriously, it's not a joke, you're really keeping that?"
"Mary likes it."
" she doesn't."
"She does."
"She doesn't."

Hayden said...

Woohooo!! Sherlock! Frozen! YES. ALL WONDERFUL. (although Flynn is still awesome. Have you seen Tangled yet??)

ahhh...Elsie Dinsnmore. The originals were....less than amazing. As in, a lot less. I did enjoy the A Life of Faith re-writes, though- I did like Edward Travilla a lot in those. Although even in there I never could like Horace Dinsmore...

Livia Rachelle said...

Mr. Travilla WAS a creep and a half. And yes that Bromly Edgerton fling was totally out of character. And ugh those books were sooooo mushy books and embarrassing. Oh all the kings and princes of Europe fell in love with Elsie and her friends got her leavings, seriously who likes heroines like that?! I love to hate them.
I am frustrated with the content of Sherlock at the moment. I wonder what ClearPlay would do.
Also the picture of the girl in the frilled white dress, do you have link or title to the artist? I want to save the image because I totally must make that dress. Along with Elsa's.

Alexandra said...

I FOUND OUT ON GOOD AUTHORITY (the behind-the-scenes features) that the Sherlock-told-Anderson is the real version. So there!

See, if you had TOLD me that you were just using Little Letters to hide the fact that you were just writing a fangirly post, I would have said: DO IT, MY CHILD. Heheheeeee!:P Gosh. I HAVE SINNED!

Elsie is creepy forevermore. And to think I used to be obsessed with her. For two seconds when I read "Dear Martha Finley" I was like, WUT, wut is she doing in a fangirl post. Then I got it.

Also you love Moriarty. You know you do. Cuz if you don't grieve him, you won't leave him behind.

And I like the pics. 'Specially the top one. Because, ya know, I like the 221B knocker. Yes.

Also, amputations? Disturbing. And pigeons are always clueless. As are first-time parents, I still believe. And Martha always knows what she is talking about.

And YES. I want a Somewhere in Time review. I shan't be hurt and I shall still talk to you if you say some minor mean things about it.

Actually, I won't. Sorry, dear, I'm soooooo changeable! :P

MISS YOU!!! And loved the post. Now I must go pick up the crumbs off the floor. Heehee.

Melody said...

So, I don't have anything to sayyy really about all the Sherlock stuff but I DID read it, just so you know. And 'tis interesting. ;)
I still can't help feeling bad about the not-pretty emotional trauma, though. I mean, I feel like I should be tracking somebody down and banging them on the head with a pan for hurting you. :P

Oh, I'm glad you thought there was some weirdness in Frozen... haha. FINALLY I'm no longer aloooone. (Now the love in my l--NOPE.)

OHHHH! I was not aware that you liked DMK quite THAT much. How splendid. :D :D *feels satisfied at having been the one to read it first* :P

Nooo, of course I am not fighting an ugly green monster when reading the paragraph about inside jokes. What would ever make anybody think that. Ha. Haha. Hahahahaha.
But seriously... it's bad enough not being one of the ones involved in any of the inside jokes... but then added to THAT I have to be curious about what on earth everything you said meant and what their origins were. Heh. Mean to meeeeee.

Hmmmmm... well, *I* would be most interested in reading your thoughts on Somewhere in Time so I don't really know yet what you think of it, heehee. Although for all I know you're going to tell me in an email. ;)

Lauren said...

The part about Elsie made me laugh out loud. As one who was obsessed with Elsie as a 12 year old, I agree with everything you said.

Miss Dashwood said...

Emma Jane,
Oh, believe me, I loved Somewhere in Time. When I wasn't trying to wrap my head around it, hahahahaha. I'm a hopeless romantic, so it Spoke To Me on a Deep and Personal Level. Bahahahahaha. No, no, in all seriousness, it was great, and I definitely want to review it. :D

Awwww, thank you! I'm quite proud to call myself part of the fandom now. I didn't mind your asking at all! Frozen was indeed the first movie I ever saw in a cinema/theater/whatever (except informational things at museums and such) so it was a really cool first experience. Loved it! And GE 2011 was amazing, was it not?

I adore Molly! She and Sherlock have to get together. They just have to. I don't care if it's not canon. I don't care what they're going to say. :P

"I don't shave for Sherlock Holmes."
"You should put that on a t-shirt."

I have not seen Tangled yet, a fact that caused Ally's younger siblings to practically expire from shock. :P But I HAVE seen an awful lot of clips and such, and though I probably shouldn't judge based solely on those, I still don't like Flynn as well as Kristoff. Kristoff is my type of guy, Flynn really isn't, end of story. Heehee. And the A Life of Faith rewrites ARE better but the storyline remains, haha. Ugh. I do really like the ALOF Millie Keith books, though.

Livia Rachelle,
Bahahahahaha about the kings and princes of Europe... yep, Elsie's pretty easy to hate. Ick. I watched the first two series Sherlock on ClearPlay, but s3 didn't have it... however, we just fast-forwarded a couple of scenes and it was fine. (Some minor language, but not half as bad as I'd feared it might be.) Unfortunately I don't have a link for the white dress pic, but Google tells me the artist is Alfred Emile Leopold Stevens, a Belgian painter in the 19th century.

Miss Dashwood said...

Mr. Travi--Ally,
OOOOOOOOOH! WOOOOOOOOOOOT! MY THEORY IS PROVEN! It totally made sense, after all. Squeeeep.
Oh, drat, I should have told you so you could have advised me. But then, you wouldn't want to pollute my mind, now would you? Stop SINNING. Seriously.
BAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you've found out my secret. Martha Finley is my new obsession. I'm in the Finley Fandom. We call ourselves the Elsivators.
I can't not love Moriarty-- after all, if I jump on his back then we both can fly. How can any girl resist that?
So glad you liked the pics. That is a nice knocker, is it not? *squeaky voice* Knockerwood.
Not ALL first-time parents are clueless. SHEESH. What about the New York Yankees, though? And of course Martha always knows what she's talking about. It's not like she's a child or anything.
You'll still talk to me if I say minor mean things about SIT? NO YA WON'T!!!
Miss you bunches. Now go clean up the crumbs, and make sure you and the dustpan don't get too touchy-feely. Do it, my child.

Oh, goody. I am always happy to tell more Sherlockness if you're in the mood. :D
Well, you can bang Moffat and Gatiss (yep, he IS John Dashwood :D) on the heads with a pan if you like. I shall stand by and applaud. But hey, I rather like being emotionally traumatized. Sad is, after all, happy for deep people.
Hahahahahaha, I did indeed like DMK that much. It's awfully rare for me to come across a modern book that's THAT good. *coughcoughdidIjusttypethatoutloud*
I actually wasssss planning on telling you my thoughts on SIT but I shall take your comment as a vote for that one nonetheless. :D

Hannah said...

I thought Harry Lloyd was all kinds of adorable as Herbert Pocket and that Gillian Anderson was absolutely brilliant as Miss Havisham. But imo Vanessa Kirby wasn't beautiful enough to play Estella. This might sound really mean but I thought that she looked plain standing next to Douglas Booth. Pip shouldn't be more attractive than Estella! I was sad that they completely left out Biddy as well. I think she's quite an important character to the story. But I did still enjoy GE overall :)

Have you seen the 2012 film? I actually prefer that adaptation even though it's shorter. It's got Biddy AND it's got Mr Wemmick and his father. It contains more of Dickens' dialogue. Holliday Grainger's Estella is really beautiful and she and Jeremy Irvine had really great chemistry.

BatZion Francesca said...

I LOVED this edition of Little Letters... particularly because it stars Sherlock and Frozen. :) Just gotta love Kristoff and *cough* Moriarty. :) (SPOILERS: *whispers* I hope he's not dead too END OF SPOILERS)

Oooooo.... LARKS RISE PLEASE!!! :) I've started watching it and am head over heels in love with the simple beauty, sweetness, and morality of this wonderful series. :)

Alexander said...

Had a great time showing you Sherlock! and I loved all of the inside jokes especially...."The look of surprise on my face" :)

Anonymous said...

So, I just found this blog and feel as if I have come home to a group of kindred spirits! No one in non-internet life, save my adoring husband, understands my borderline obsession with period drama, especially anything Auaten, Anne, and Pimpernel! Thanks!

Miss Dashwood said...

YES I LOVE HARRY LLOYD AS HERBERT. Herbert is the best part of the show, hands down. I wasn't thrilled with Estella either... but to be honest, I also didn't think much of Douglas Booth as Pip. Heehee. I really want to see the 2012 version-- it'll be interesting to see Helena Bonham-Carter as Miss Havisham, and I really enjoyed Jeremy Irvine's performance in War Horse so it'll be fun to see him in another role. And Biddy's in it? Yippee! I really like her-- it was a shame they left her out in the 2011 one.

Batzion Francesca,
Kristoff and Moriarty Forevah. :D Oooh, you like Lark Rise too? Yippee! It's such a sweet show... not really comparable to something like Sherlock, but I love it in a different way. The third and fourth seasons are my favorite. :D

Mr. Edger--er, Alex,
Had a great time watching Sherlock! (Yes, I think that's evident, Amy...) Ah, yes, the look of surprise... that's the sort of face Lady Catherine makes in the mirror every morning, I expect. :D

Awwww, I'm so glad you feel at home here! Do please pull up a chair and enjoy your stay-- borderline obsession with all those things is what we do best. :D

Ella said...

These posts are so fun.
I am so glad to see I am not the only one who doesn't like the Elsie Dinsmore series. Horace Dinsmore is a horrible Father in my opinion.

Anyway, maybe I will post a little letters post on my blog soon.

I hope you have a great day.

Melody said...

Oh, the thing about being in the mood only applied to poking in your Pinterest board, haha. You can tell me stuffs whenever YOU feel like it. :D
Waaait wait wait. So the dude acts in it AND had something to do with writing it? o.O
Ha. :D Well, I DO understand the appeal to being emotionally traumatized when it comes to fiction (real life Bad Things... notttt so much), but don't you agree that Very Happy (as in, the real thing kind of happy, snort) is still better? :D
Ehehehe. I didn't set out to quote it. First I typed "I am no longer alone" and then I thought of That and then I kind of had to do it. :P
I KNOWWWWW. I was so scared the whole time I was reading it that there was going to be something awful that would make me not like it anymore, haha, because it's just so rare. And even though there were some things I didn't like, they didn't make me dislike the book itself. ;)
We should talk more about it sometime. :D
Well, I DO like hearing your thoughts when you just tell me better than a review, so don't not do that even if you are going to review it. :D

Melody said...

But wait... I am not your child. :P

Alicia Showalter said...

I love reading these "little letters" posts! And gahh I think everyone has watched Frozen except for me! *pouting face* haha :D
So did you like the whole movie theater experience then? It certainly adds something I think. :D

I love the pictures you put in.. especially the top... :D

Anonymous said...

I think I need to start watching Sherlock sometime... sounds good! I certainly will be watching Frozen but I'm scared I won't like it because I know the original fairytale well and I will probably be annoyed at Disney's loose interpretation... I love "Let it Go" though!

Review Little Women 1994! I love that movie :) Would also be interested in a review of Somewhere in Time.

- The Elf

Hannah said...

I LOVE that a Dickens was your favourite thing about GE (2011)! Did you know that Harry Lloyd is a direct descendant of Charles Dickens on his mother's side? So Harry Lloyd is a Dickens! OK so he's not a Dickens by name but he's one by blood and in my book that counts! :D Yeah... I didn't think very much of Douglas Booth either. I didn't think he was terrible or anything but he was a bit wooden. He sure is pretty though! :D I didn't enjoy Helena Bonham Carter's Miss Havisham as much as Gillian Anderson's but she's great too, and I think Jeremy Irvine is even better in GE 2012 than he is in War Horse. So, yeah, I think you'll really like the film! :)

Just reading through your other comments... girl I can completely understand why you can enjoy being emotionally traumatised. I'm an INFJ and we dig emotional catharsis in a really big way! And didn't I read somewhere that you're an INFP? INFJs and INFPs tend to be very similar. And I would love a review of Little Women (1994) too. Just to warn you though, it's a massive childhood favourite of mine so if you give more than minor criticisms of it you will make my inner child CRY! And can you make a child cry?! Can you?! Can you?! :D

Alexandra said...

Yes. Sad is happy for deep people. ;)

Marie said...

I skipped half this post as I'm a bit spoiler paranoid (just ask my brother: he goes, "I can't wait until you girls see Eleven's regeneration scene," and I plug my ears and go "DON'T DON'T DOOOON'T!" When he wasn't going to tell me anything. :D)


Aw, now, Elsie Dinsmore isn't as bad as THAT. Although I'm certainly not going to scold you for criticizing it. :D

Oooh, Dear Mr. Knightley sounds interesting. (And if I spelled his name wrong, well, I'm not doing worse than the back cover of Emma...2008, I think it was. Yup, Lily noticed, go and look yerself.

Lucy Riess said...

Please please please do a review for Lark Rise To Candleford! It is my all time favorite Tv show!

Miss Elliot said...

He really is sooo good, and he was perfectly cast, IMHO. That scene where he finally realizes that waiter is Sherlock...
well, yeah.
I bawled through The Hug too. I cried from the point when Someone We Love (a.k.a. the high-functioning sociopath, oooooh trying not to spoil..) is shot, to the end of His Last Vow. (That may or may not have had to do with the fact that it was late at night after my aunt's wedding, so my nerves were tight.) Everyone always talks about how they were laughing during the "your land-lady use to run a drug cartel" scene, but I'm like WHAT. I was crying my heart out the WHOLE TIME. Gahhhhh, the Sherlock feels...
And about the Reichenbach Fall, I saw an interview with the Mark Gatiss, Sue Vertue, Martin Freeman, etc and apparently you, Miss Dashwood, are correct. :-)
Moriarty. Uh-huh, uh-huh.
And Frozen forevah...
Yes, they did veddy veddy well with Frozen. Let it go...