Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Oh! You meant 'spectacularly ignorant' in a NICE way."

Jeeves and Wooster has been the Going Thing for my remind-everyone-about-submitting-for-I'd-Like-to-Share-posts, but in order to be fair to my other (and perhaps more) beloved BBC series-with-great-quotes, this month features Sherlock instead.  (Quick, people, what episode is the quote from?) Actually, I really ought to pay homage to Lark Rise as well... maybe I'll rotate quote sources.  

So anyways, please submit your post nominations for the March I'd Like to Share event!  Do remember that you can only nominate ONE post per month-- and the posts don't have to be from February, either.  Archived writings are perfectly eligible.  In case anyone's forgotten, the categories include Humor, Inspirational, Informative, Just Plain Interesting and Miscellaneous.  

Looking forward to your submissions!


Miss Jane Bennet said...

The Great Game! The episode that ended Sherlock for me. :(
Anyways. Looking forward to seeing the March nominees!

Alexander said...

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!.....Wait love would not be the word......OBSESSED! yes that's the word!

Alexandra said...

We are allllll obsessed here. ;)

Miss Dashwood said...

Aaaaaah, yes, isn't it incredible??? You MUST see series 2 if possible-- it's SO good. (Skip the trashy first episode though-- well, all except the first scene because it explains the cliffhanger. Heehee.)

"Obsessed?" No, no, my child, that's inappropriate-- we prefer to use the term "spiritual fan."

Yes. Star Wars legos. :D You're a bad influence. :P

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, dear, dear. 'Twould seem that Ally and her family have had quite the influence on you. Tsk, tsk. You should be ashamed, Ally and Alex. Corrupting her innocent mind with that awfully AMAZING show. ;) I've only seen two episodes but, yeah, I'm a little obsessed, too. :D

Hamlette said...

Halfway thru the season 3 finale, my hubby said to me, "You've started doing it, you know." I was like, "Doing what?" He said, "That thing Sherlock does with his hands together and his chin resting on his fingers. You're doing it right now."

He was right. Sigh.

Marie said...

Love that quote. :)