Monday, October 3, 2011

Introduction (Or Preface, Or Foreword, Or Whatever You Want to Call It)

Here it is, my very first blog post. If you want to know who I am and why I'm here, check out my profile. I call myself Miss Dashwood because I like the name--also, because I love the characters who own that name. You will notice that I didn't specify whether I am Elinor or Marianne. My quiz results (see the sidebar) say that I am Elinor, but I am really a mix of both, with a little bit of Margaret thrown in. (Join me in the West Indies, anyone?)

Some days I feel like Marianne and want nothing more than to roam the wild outdoors in the rain, sing and play the pianoforte, read a thrilling tale of romance and breathe the scent of wildflowers. Other days, I am more like Elinor and feel practical, sensible, and reserved. I want only to curl up with a good book and improve my mind, sipping a cup of fragrantly steaming tea while making sure that the household accounts are in order and that Margaret's hair is washed. :) At still other times, I wish I had my own tree house and a gorgeous atlas that could take me on a swashbuckling journey of imagination.

I hope you'll enjoy reading the ramblings from a girl who loves hoopskirts and bonnets, English country dancing and high tea, happy endings (in the rain!), BBC miniseries and good thick books. If that is the sort of thing you like, then you've come to the right place. It's yet another period drama blog.


Melody said...

Sounds like you are another girl 'after my own heart', as they say. :)
I find I'm a lot like Marianne in many ways, although I have come up with Elinor on quizzes sometimes, as well as Elizabeth Bennet. =)

Good luck on your blog!

Miss Dashwood said...

Melody, thank you for your sweet comment! You have no idea how excited I was to receive a comment on my first post, LOL. I've had Elizabeth Bennet on that quiz as well, but there are so many Elizabeth Bennets out there already. I really identify with the Dashwoods, so I decided to become one. :)

Melody said...

Well actually, yes I do have an idea how exciting that is! I remember it well ~ my blog is rather young; I started it at the beginning of the year. I remember how pleased I was to get my first comments and followers! =)

I'm still excited about each new follower! Thank you for following mine and making it an even 40! =) Oh, you don't have any yet! Well, I'll have the honor of being the first. =)

Thanks for commenting on my blog too; I'll respond to those shortly. =)

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I must be the third to follow your blog. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us all! :-)

Miss Dashwood said...

Thank you, Miss Bennet! Now I'm glad I didn't choose Lizzy as my username. :) I'm now following your blog, too--what fun! I love meeting like-minded Janeites.

Melody said...

Oh, here I am making another comment...;-)

I was going to thank you for putting my blog button up. =)
Also, I was looking a the music on your profile...that sounds exactly like my taste. =)

Julia Rogers said...

I also LOVE quotes!!! SO please "feel free" to post them often!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm looking forward to reading your blog. I don't have a blogger account, so I can't officially 'follow' you, but know I'll be reading, and maybe commenting now and then!

My name is birdie and, like you, I'm a big period drama fan. I write a little bit about them at my LJ:

An Old-Fashioned Girl said...

An Old Fashioned Girl
Dear Miss Dashwood,
Did you get the post where I introduced myself?

Miss Dashwood said...

Old-fashioned Girl,
I don't believe I ever got that! I've read your comments with great enjoyment and I'm sorry I haven't had time to reply to them all. I did check out your blog though and it looks lovely... hopefully I'll have time soon to sit down and read your Lydia Bennet posts (what an interesting idea!)
Thanks for visiting my blog!

An Old-Fashioned Girl said...

Thank you so much for the encouraging words! My mom and I are in our kitchen and we just cracked up over your letter to Victor Hugo! By the way, two years ago, I was in a production of Les Mis at a local, family-oriented theater, and I adored every minute of it! Also, would you please mention my blog to your readers, as I'm just getting started and would happily welcome any new followers!
P.S. - My mom really enjoys when I read your blog!

Miss Elliot said...

I read this for encouragement- it was your first post and I am just getting started blogging!
It's funny to see how your writing has changed in a good way in three years!
You have the best blog I've seen yet. Keep up the good work!

Evie Brandon said...

Yes I know this comment is very late but I must say You and Melody both inspired me to start my own blog! I just wanted to say THANK YOU! XD lots of period drama love from Australia!!