Saturday, October 29, 2011

I've Been Awarded!

...and I'm so thrilled! Thank you, Abby of Newly Impassioned Soul, for giving me my very first blogger award. Here are the rules for this tag.

1. Be sure to post the award on your blog, for all of your readers to admire!
2. You will need to link back to the person who nominated you!
3. Make sure you tell your readers 7 random facts about yourself!
4. Also mention your favourite hobby, color and food!
5. Pass this award on to your 10 inspirational bloggers! (You can choose the person who nominated you!)

I’ve done the first two, so here are 7 random facts about myself…

1) I adore dark chocolate. Actually, chocolate of any kind, except white which is a little too sweet for my taste.
2) I love knitting. Cable stitch is my new passion.
3) I am deathly afraid of chickens, emus, turkeys, peacocks and just about any large bird with beady eyes and claws (shudder).
4) Insects fascinate me. I like turning over rocks and watching the creepy-crawlies.
5) I love singing, especially Irish folk music and songs from Broadway musicals. ("As long as he neeeeeeeeds meeeeeeee.....")
6) It is currently snowing very hard outside my window and I'm loving it.
7) I am very absent-minded and tend to forget things within ten minutes. (You know that feeling when you're standing in front of the linen closet wondering what on earth you're doing there.)

And now my hobby, favorite color and favorite food:
My hobbies are many--some include reading, writing, reading other people's blogs, knitting and cooking.
My favorite color is probably blue, but pink is wonderful too. And yellow, and green, and red, and white, and lilac...
My favorite food is... uh... do I have to pick just one??? Okay, probably soup. I love soup. With tons of vegetables. I also have an insatiable sweet tooth, so maybe ice cream with nuts. I don't know. This is too hard! (And now I'm getting hungry.)

I am going to pass this award along to:
Miss Laurie at Old-Fashioned Charm
Maria Elisabeth at Miss Georgiana Darcy
Miss Elizabeth Bennet at Elegance of Fashion
My sister Anne-girl (her blog is private, so no link)
Hayden at Story Girl

And... uh.. I'm still new to this realm of bloggers, so I could only come up with nine people to tag. Anyone else who wants to do it, feel free to leave a comment.
Thanks again, Abby. This was fun!


Melody said...

Why thank you!! =)

Miss Dashwood said...

You're welcome. :)

Hayden said...

Thank You!!! :D

The Editrix said...

Thank you! I also adore dark chocolate. And I love knitting cable stitches! They fascinate me.

Sounds like we have A LOT in common. :-)

Miss Dashwood said...

You're welcome, Hayden--I'm looking forward to your answers!

Elise, I've been reading your blog for a long time, and I definitely think we have a lot in common. Dark chocolate girls unite!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Thank you Miss Dashwood! I had fun doing the tag an passing the award along! :)

Melody said...

Off the subject of the post, but have you seen this YouTube channel?

Melody said...

Okay, you're afraid of chickens, but you insects enthrall you...hmm...still trying to figure this one out.

Miss Dashwood said...

And your point is...?
Yes, I am indeed terrified of big birds, but I do like insects. If they're not crawling up my back, that is.
What can I say? Everybody has their quirks.
So... what are *you* afraid of? ;)